Behind Every Sample is a Patient

Our team is acutely aware that every sample we handle has the potential to significantly affect a person's life. That's why we're dedicated to putting in endless efforts to deliver results that are not only precise but also timely, ensuring you and your clients can rely on them.

Commited since Covid

Since the onset of the pandemic in January 2020, Spartan Labs has tested thousands of samples while working closely with public and private health care providers and organizations.

Faster Turnaround Times

At our labs, we prioritize fast turnaround times on all lab tests to provide accurate results that you can rely on. Our advanced technology and skilled team allow us to process your samples efficiently without sacrificing accuracy. Quick and reliable results are crucial for effective healthcare management, and we are dedicated to delivering trustworthy results within a short timeframe. You can count on us to provide accurate and timely lab test results every time.

Provider Resources

e-Forms can be accessed for your convenience. We strongly advise ensuring that all required forms are submited through the portal to ensure that the processing time is minimized and the results are received in a timely manner. By utilizing these e-forms, you can streamline the process of submitting important information, and experience faster and more efficient results.

Comprehensive Lab Testing for Diverse Healthcare Needs

We offer a wide range of accurate and comprehensive lab tests to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our experienced team uses cutting-edge equipment to analyze and interpret test results, enabling us to diagnose and monitor various medical conditions. Whether it’s routine check-ups or advanced medical conditions, we provide a full testing menu to support our clients’ healthcare needs.

Providing Comprehensive

Lab Testing Services with Accurate Results

You Can Trust for Optimal Healthcare Management, as we Utilize State-of-the-Art Technology and a Team of Highly Experienced Professionals.


Our advanced toxicology testing services cater to medication monitoring programs, substance abuse treatment, forensic and drug court proceedings, therapeutic drug monitoring, and employment drug testing. With state-of-the-art technology and a skilled team, we provide reliable and accurate results for healthcare providers, legal professionals, and employers alike.


Our advanced hematology testing services cover a wide range of healthcare needs, including infectious disease diagnosis, women’s health, cardiac markers, virology, allergy testing, and chemistry/special chemistry. With highly trained professionals and cutting-edge technology, we provide accurate and reliable results to help healthcare providers make informed decisions regarding diagnosis, treatment, and management of medical conditions.


Pharmacogenomics studies genetics’ impact on medication response. Our advanced testing analyzes DNA to personalize treatment plans and optimize outcomes. With our services, healthcare providers can make informed decisions about medication selection, dosing, and potential adverse drug reactions. Our highly skilled team and cutting-edge technology ensure reliable and accurate pharmacogenomic testing services.


Our advanced molecular testing services cover UTI, HPV, STD panels, respiratory and gastric pathogen panels, and wound cultures. With state-of-the-art technology and highly trained professionals, we provide accurate and reliable results to assist healthcare providers in diagnosing and treating infections and monitoring disease progression.

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